Friday, May 6, 2011

National Tuba Day - May 6, 2011

Join us as we celebrate National Tuba day today!

Here are some interesting facts about Tubas:

-- Prussian Wilhelm Wieprecht and German Johann Gottfried patented the tuba in the key of F in Prussia in 1835.

  • -- Tubas come in different keys for use in different situations. For example, tubas in the keys of F and C are most commonly used in orchestras, while those in E flat and B flat are usually used in marching and brass bands.
    -- The tuba is made of around 16 feet of tubing and commonly has three or four valves.
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Why not check out these interesting stories about Tubas today? 
Coincidentally...they are all available 

"Skeletons Don't Play Tubas" by Debbie Dadey

There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City.
But could the new band teacher really teach a
skeleton to play the tuba? The Bailey School kids are going to find out!

"Spin: Truth, Tubas, and George Washington" by Dave Jackson
Drea Thomas, running against her nemesis Arlene for president of her seventh grade class,
 fears that she is falling into the same dishonest campaign tactics she despises in her opponent.

"Face the Music!: Jokes About Music" by Scott Peterson 
A collection of jokes about music and musicians, including 
"What do musicians brush their teeth with? A tuba toothpaste" and 
"What's an orchestra's favorite dessert? Cello."

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