Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Dixie Dispatch: Crafting Ideas

Crafting Ideas 

-- “Martha Stewart's encyclopedia of crafts : an A-to-Z guide with detailed instructions and endless inspiration” by Martha Stewart (2009) Join us as we use Martha’s brilliant crafting abilities to create everything from a scrapbook to soap to a flattering home wreath.

-- “Crafting Cross Stitch Cards” by Sue Cook (2007)

-- “Crafty Superstar: make crafts on the side, earn extra cash and basically have it all” by Grace Dobush (2009) Your go-to resource for selling your craft goods part-time, full of ideas for setting up and selling out. 

-- “P.Allen Smith’s living in the Garden Home: Connecting the Seasons with Containers, Crafts, and Celebrations” by P.Allen Smith (2007) For P. Allen Smith, gardening is all about the anticipation of a new season, the wonderful satisfaction that comes with digging and planting, building supports and structures, selecting plants and deciding how to arrange them.

-- “American Indian Crafts Kids Can Do!” by Carol Gnojewski (2006)

-- “Relax to the Max: 60 candles, scents, soaps & potpourri crafts to create your own bliss” by Marie Browning (2005)

Come on by the library to reserve and check out these great crafting titles! 

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