Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Dixie Dispatch: Computers

What can the computer do for you?

·        “Understanding the World of User-Generated Content” by Emily Popek (2011)-- What is Web 2.0? From Encyclopedia to Wikipedia, blogs and branching out on the web

·        “Designing, building, and maintaining web sites” by Jamie Poolos (2011)-- How a web site works, begin to plan a web site and continue by designing a web site and building your own. Concludes with publishing and maintaining your web site.
   “Netiquette : a student's guide to digital etiquette” by Kathy Furgang (2011)

·        “Databases: Organizing Information” by Greg Roza (2011)--What is a database? Learn tables, breaking down databases, and rational databases

·        “Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing” by Joan Oleck (2011)-- Design basics including fonts and typography, images, and layout

·        “Creating Electronic Graphic Organizers” by Philip Wolny (2011)

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