Monday, November 15, 2010

Missouri Building Blocks (Part Two)

Building Block Award Nominees 
(Part Two)

“The Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award, administered by the Children's Services Round Table of MLA, is presented annually to the author and illustrator of the picture book voted most popular by preschool children in Missouri's public libraries. Designed to encourage reading aloud to children from birth through kindergarten age, the award was first given in 1996. Parents and other caregivers are encouraged to read aloud to children from a list of ten titles selected annually by a group of Missouri children's librarians” (Source:

·        “Are you a Horse?”  by Andy Rash (2009) When Roy gets a saddle for his birthday, he goes in search of a horse.

·        “Duck! Rabbit!” by Amy K. Rosenthal (2009) Two unseen characters argue about whether the creature they are looking at is a rabbit or a duck.

·        “Princess Pig” by Eileen Spinelli (2009) A pig believes herself to be a princess and behaves accordingly, but soon learns that being royalty has a price.

·        “Can you make a Scary Face?” by Jan Thomas (2009) A ladybug invites the reader to play a game of "let's pretend."

·        “Rhyming Dust Bunnies” by Jan Thomas (2009) As three dust bunnies, Ed, Ned, and Ted, are demonstrating how much they love to rhyme, a fourth, Bob, is trying to warn them of approaching danger.

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