Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's @ the Movies is in your Library

Sometimes the book is better than the movie. Join us as we discover the books behind some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters…new and old. 
All of the books featured here can be found at your local Little Dixie Regional Library!

Book: “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks (1996)
Two teenage lovers are torn apart by their parents only to be reunited, years later, on the eve of the woman's wedding.

Movie“The Notebook” Released in theaters in 2004, “The Notebook” tells the story of an old man reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home. The story he reads follows two young lovers named Allie and Noah, who meet one evening at a carnival. As the story unfolds, Allie and Noah are torn apart by class and economic issues and later reunite finding themselves still in love with one another.

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