Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Iowa!

On December 28, 1846 Iowa was officially admitted into the United States as the 29th state. 
In honor of this momentous occasion, we present books about Iowa or taking place in.....you guessed it, Iowa!

"Iowa Curiosities" by Eric Jones (2010)
Summary: Your round-trip ticket to the wildest, wackiest, most outrageous people, places, and things the Hawkeye State has to offer!

"An Ocean in Iowa" by Peter Hedges (1998)
Summary: Scotty Ocean is turning seven years old, and he has announced earlier in his life that seven is going to be his year. It does turn out to be his year, but not the year he imagined. It is the year his mother leaves the family. At first, Scotty does astonishing things to get her to return. When he comes to believe she won't be moving back, he tries to replace her. Ultimately, he decides he must take drastic action to remain forever seven

"Iowa: Off the Beaten Path" by Lori Erickson (2001)
Summary: A guide to unique places in Iowa

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