Saturday, December 11, 2010

Little Dixie Dispatch: New Adult Romance

“So Into You” by Sandra Hill (2009) She's been a nun, poker champion, treasure hunter, and folk healer. Redhead Grace O'Brien thinks life is one grand adventure, until her hunky friend Angel Sabato suddenly declares his love for her.

 “My Forbidden Desire” by Carolyn Jewel (2009) Alexandrine Marit is a witch in mortal danger. The only person who can keep her safe is a dark and dangerous fiend called Xia. With his fierce animosity toward witches, he's hardly the ideal bodyguard. Yet as days turn into nights, she can't deny the white-hot passion between them.

“Simple Wishes” by Lisa Dale (2009) In an emotional and enchanting debut novel, Dale tells a powerful story that explores the mysterious connection between mothers and daughters, and the redemptive power of love.

“One Deadly Sin” by Annie Solomon (2009) A woman returns to her hometown to avenge her father's death, but she's shocked when the men she targets start dying. The sheriff is torn between the town he's sworn to protect and the woman he's come to desire.

“Tucker’s Claim” by Sarah McCarty (2009) Tucker McCade has known violence his whole life: orphaned in a massacre, abused as a "half-breed" child, trained as a ruthless Texas Ranger, he's learned the hard way that might makes right. So even he is shocked when he falls for Sallie Mae Reynolds, a Quaker nurse.

“Rion” by Susan Kearney (2009) Marisa Rourke's telepathic link to the space explorer Rion is the only way Rion can talk to his people, enslaved by a powerful enemy. And so Rion kidnaps Marisa, sparking her fury and igniting a hotter, more explosive psychic bond between them. 

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